Historical Archives


These materials document the work of the IBE founders, staff, and supporters from the IBE’s creation to its integration with UNESCO in 1969.
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The IBE archives can be consulted by researchers of education not only to learn about the factual, institutional history of the IBE, but also to raise questions about the contexts, concepts, and connections surrounding the history of the institution. For example, how did the IBE manage to navigate through very different international contexts from interwar internationalism to decolonization? Who were the men and women and their networks – in Geneva, Switzerland, and the world – crucial in the creation and activities of the IBE? What is the role of the IBE in the history of educational thought, in particular progressive ideas on education? What role did the IBE play in the emergence of global education as we know it? These are only some of the potential questions that future researchers will be able to investigate with our digitized archives at hand.